DUI Policy & Procedures: DUI Arrest and Mobile Video Recording Policy and Procedures

Were you arrested for DUI/DWI? What was the officer's reason (probable cause, i.e: speeding, weaving, crossing the lane lines) for pulling you over? Did you take the Field Sobriety Tests at roadside?

Does the law Enforcement Agency that arrested you for DUI have ONE OF THE FOLLOWING?



This page is dedicated to listing all Law Enforcement Agency's "Written Policy and Procedures. Several Law Enforcement Agency's have a written policy and procedures for DUI Arrest, i.e. DUI Arrest Policy and Procedures and Mobile Video Recording Policy and Procedures . If the arresting officer failed to follow those written policy and procedures, you may have legal recourse concerning the probable cause of your stop, arrest and or breath test.

*This is a NEW SECTION and additional information will be updated daily. Check back to see you your arresting agency has a written policy and procedure posted, or e-mail us with a request and we will make a public record request for it.

Policy and Procedures



Clearwater Police Department
DUI Arrest Policy and Procedure
Mobile Video Recording Policy and Procedure

Were you videotaped during your DUI stop & arrest? Don't know? Did the Clearwater police officer that stopped you have a video camera in his car? Click on the links below to see the Clearwater Police Department's list of Patrol Cruisers with video cameras.
2004 -2005 | 2006 -2007

Largo Police Department

Okaloosa County Sheriff Office
Mobile Video Recording
DUI Zero Tolerance law
DUI Arrest Using Video Equipment

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
2007 In Car Video Operation
2002 In Car Video Operation
2007 DUI Investigations
2006 DUI Investigations
2007 Chemical Testing Procedures
2006 Chemical Testing Procedures

New Port Richey Police Dept.
DUI Arrest Policy and Procedures
DVM 500 User's Guide
Digital Ally Video Manager
User's Guide

Hillsborough County Sheriff Office
Policy and Procedure for CBT

Coming Soon: Bellair Beach Police Department

Coming Soon: Daytona Beach Police Department

Coming Soon: Florida Highway Patrol

Coming Soon: Fort Lauderdale Police Depart.

Coming Soon: Fort Meyers Police Department

Coming Soon: Gainesville Police Department

Coming Soon: Hernando County Sheriff's Office

Coming Soon: Pasco County Sheriff's Office

Coming Soon: St. Petersburg Police Department

Coming Soon: St. Pete Beach Police Department

Coming Soon: Tarpon Springs Police Department

Coming Soon: Tallahassee Police Department

Coming Soon: Tampa Police Department


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